Colin Powell . Acrylic Painting

Colin Powell

Colin Powell is an Appointed Painting Partner of professional artists Wilson R. Pickford of the USA, and Marion Dutton of the UK .
He is Authorised and Licenced to teach any of their published Art Lessons from DVDs and books.

Colin teaches ‘wet in wet’ style in both oil and acrylics and his classes have become extremely popular. The acrylic course is suitable for all levels of ability, whereas the oil technique is more suited to beginners and intermediate painters.

Classes are FREE to Art Society Members. Costs to non members are between £18 to £60 per session. Therefore joining the Ystradyfodwg Art Society would result in huge savings should you wish to attend Colin’s classes.

NB. Colin Powell’s classes will restart on the 6th March 2019.

Contact The Ystradyfodwg Art Society for more information.